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Expertise in culinary arts and food production, IHM offers world certified culinary programs for SEE, +2 Fresher’s or Graduates and all drop outs with 100 % Placement Support and OJT\ internship assist locally- globally.

Learn from our highly experienced culinary team, hospitality personalities and industry legends to blend culinary mastery with practically working skills. An education at IHM promises to equip you with all the skills needed to become a culinary expertise.

Professional Culinary Arts

Professional Cook – 1696 Hrs 

CTEVT\ NSTB Level II Course

Duration – 1 Year ( Six Months Internship )

Commercial Culinary Arts

Commercial Cooking\ Baking

792 Hrs 

CTEVT\NSTB Level I Course Duration – Six Months

Internship Optional

Bakery & Patisirrise

Customized Crash Courses

cooking \ bakery & pastry\ carving \ sushi

Famous author Virginia Woolf once said, “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.”

If these are your words to live by, you are probably ready to take the next step and look into chef skilling courses. This guide to culinary programs is a great starting point. You can learn more about your Chefs’ passion.

What Training Will Cover

Culinary schools frequently offer a variety of program options. However, if you are looking to obtain the education needed to become a chef, the most common choice of program tends to be culinary arts.

Both the program’s curriculum most commonly covered areas are:

Theory, Safety, & Business Training

  • Hospitality Industries
  • Hygiene, HACCP and Food Safety
  • Kitchen management
  • Restaurant service
  • Inventory management and food storage
  • Food purchasing
  • Food costing
  • Menu planning
  • Nutrition
  • Forms and Formats
  • Customer service
  • Communication

Practical Kitchen Training

  • Knife skills
  • Cooking techniques and methods
  • Proper food seasoning
  • Food portioning
  • Ethnic cuisines
  • International cuisines
  • Banquet and catering service
  • Plating and presentation
  • Kitchen tools and equipment
  • Menu planning and costing.
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